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The Chamber was proud to feature the Logistics / Transportation Industry at the August 26th Luncheon!  Emcee Steve Stewart, Gulf Winds International, Panelists Tom Marian, Buffalo Marine; Danny Schnautz, Clark Freight Lines; Todd Stewart, Gulf Winds International and Niels Aalund, West Gulf Maritime Association presented an outstanding overview of the industry and its impact on the local and global economy.  Buffalo Marine displayed a unique "Show and Tell" by docking two of their barges outside the window where they could be viewed during the presentation, raising the bar for "Show and Tell" during Back to School Week!
Buffalo Marine Services celebrates 5,000 safe and successful bunker jobs in Bolivar Roads anchorage
Houston bunker supplier celebrates milestone
23rd July 2009 23:09 GMT
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Buffalo Marine Services celebrates 5,000 safe and successful bunker jobs in Bolivar Roads anchorage. Houston bunker supplier Buffalo Marine Service has announced the recent completion of its 5,000th bunker job in the Bolivar Roads anchorage. "This milestone was the culmination of 32 years of operations in one of the most challenging bunker locations in the region," Buffalo said in a statement. The Bolivar Roads anchorage is a high-use anchorage for the high number of vessels that call at the Ports of Galveston, Texas City and Houston. While its deep waters and close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico make it an attractive and convenient location for vessels to anchor, it is also subject to large wakes from passing deep drafts and confused seas from Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.
Buffalo's first foray into the Bolivar Roads anchorage to deliver a bunker order began in 1977 when the area was an off-limits area for bunker deliveries, the company said. "The old salts in the industry were adamant that the swells from the ships and Gulf, unpredictable weather patterns and overall exposed location prevented a bunker barge and tow from safely remaining alongside an anchored vessel for any period of time," said Pat Studdert, President of Buffalo Marine Service. Studdert decided to do a dry run to the area to see how the tow would handle. "There was someone yelling at us that we were going the wrong way and we better turn around before we become another wreck in the Gulf. "Once we manoeuvred between the anchored vessels and the jetty, it was clear - if done properly - this was no more treacherous than an upper ship channel job," he added. After a little persuasion, Buffalo managed to locate its first job. 5,000 jobs later and Buffalo Marine Service has a perfect delivery record in the Inner Anchorage, the company announced. "Our crews know that they must remain ever vigilant when they bunker in this area. The minute you lose focus you are asking for trouble," Studdert stated. Studdert added that the biggest changes over the past three decades that have impacted bunker developments in this area the most are the US Coast Guard and their Vessel Traffic Service who enable Buffalo to safely perform their job.
Natalie Bruckner-Menchelli, 23rd July 2009 23:09 GMT
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US bunker firm first with new fuel measurement system

-The Bunker Bulletin Daily, Tuesday 7th of July 2009

US bunker firm first with new fuel measurement system

7th July 2009 22:34 GMT


Buffalo Marine Service says FuelTrax system will help to ensure the delivery process is 'a model of precision and extraordinarily accurate'

Houston-based Buffalo Marine Service is rolling out a bunker fuel measurement system which will automatically measure bunker fuel as it is pumped from a barge onto a vessel.

Part of the FuelTrax Marine Fuel Management system from Nautical Control Solutions (NCS), it uses highly accurate Coriolis meters, NCS said in a press release.

FuelTrax provides increased measurement accuracy of bunker fuel deliveries irrespective of product type, viscosity, or temperature, NCS said.

The system measures barrels and metric tonnes regardless of whether there is air, fuel, or both in the piping system.

"We have a state-of-the-art command and control center, new top-of-the-line tugs, and safety-proven double-hulled bunker barges. It makes sense for us to lead the way in helping the industry improve the accuracy of the bunkering process," said Pat Studdert, President, Buffalo Marine Service.

"Our focus has been and continues to be delivering bunkers safely, promptly, and professionally without fear of creating a pollution incident. With the advent of FuelTrax, our customers can rest assured that the delivery process is a model of precision and extraordinarily accurate. We are excited to be the first in North America to install such a system," Studdert added.

"We are very pleased to announce Buffalo as our first bunker system customer. Their reputation as a leading, first-class bunkering service couples well with this leading-edge technology," said Anthony George, CEO of NCS.

"FuelTrax will accurately measure any kind of bunker fuel, drastically reducing the errors associated with the manual measurement techniques currently used.

"We expect that as bunkering accuracy increases across the industry, quantity disputes will decrease around the globe. It’s a win-win situation for the bunker suppliers and vessel owners," George added.

Once the delivery is completed, FuelTrax produces a hardcopy meter ticket for the customer that includes the exact amount of fuel delivered in both volume and mass measurements.

"Future versions of the system will provide customers with 24 hour, seven day per week Web-based access to their bunkering events worldwide," George continued.

"Our ultimate goal is to revolutionise the bunkering industry through advanced automation, accurate Coriolis metering technology, and the Internet," he concluded.

Natalie Bruckner-Menchelli, 7th July 2009 22:34 GMT

Buffalo Marine Service crews receive Distinguished Public Service Award from the U.S. Coast Guard.


Buffalo Marine Service SETWAC Chair accepts Harbor Safety Committee of the Year presentation from Admiral Allen

Rear Admiral Watson, Captain Tim Close (Captain of the Port, Sector Tampa-St. Petersburg), and Admiral Allen (USCG Commandant) look on as members of the Southeast Texas Waterways Advisory Committee (SETWAC) accept the prestigious HSC of the year award at this year's HSC conference in Tampa, FL.

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