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A bit about us...

BMS owns a fleet of inland towing vessels and tank barges which operate on the inland waterways from Corpus Christi, Texas to Mobile, Alabama. The towing vessels are crewed by highly professional crew members consisting of wheelmen, tankermen and deckhands. These crew members are supported by a shoreside team in Houston, Texas. BMS’s CEO, Mr. Patrick Studdert, and President, Mr. Tim Studdert oversee all aspects of the company.

BMS prides itself on exceeding the expectations of its customers and employing state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a superior level of service. BMS is an organization that is not hindered by bureaucratic barriers. Innovation and initiative are encouraged at BMS. The crew members know they always have the support of the president when they do their best for the sake of the company and the customer. This business philosophy has manifested itself in numerous accolades from the U.S. Coast Guard and other organizations.

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