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San Salvador.jpg

San Salvador

San Pedro.jpg

San Pedro

San Miguel.jpg

San Miguel

San Roberto.jpg

San Roberto

San Jose.jpg

San Jose

San Austin.jpg

San Austin

San Joaquin.jpg

San Joaquin

San Brendan.jpg

San Brendan

San Blas.jpg

San Blas


CJ Studdert

LT Dick.jpg

LT Dick Dowling


Patrick J Studdert

San  Tomas.jpg

San Tomas

San Rafael.jpg

San Rafael

San Leandro.jpg

San Leandro

San Carmen.jpg

San Carmen

San Brooklyn.jpg

San Brooklyn

San Patricio.jpg

San Patricio

Nancy Marian.jpg

Nancy Marian

Versatile and hardworking, Buffalo’s fleet serves the Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast.  The M/V San Roberto, the M/V CJ Studdert, the M/V Nancy Marian, and the M/V Lt. Dick Dowling are the latest additions to our fleet.


These powerful tugs meet the latest safety and environmental standards. All Buffalo Marine vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art communication systems and are in continuous contact with our 24/7 command center.

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